Heavy Armored Combat

I am a participant in sport combat in the SCA.  This is full contact combat with rattan weapons and projectiles.  The weapons are only padded for thrusts , so armor requirements and standards are highly regulated for safety.

My first armor was made out of 1/4 inch HDPE plastic that was cut and shaped to resemble samurai armor found in the late 1500’s.  The armor is based on a style known as Môgami dô, or five plates laced together.  Some modifications were done for safety reasons and to allow easier donning and removal.

There are many mistakes in the construction that will be corrected in my next set of armor.  The most obvious mistake is in the lace “X”.  this should be smaller and look more like a button.

My current armor was gifted to me by Sir Marc d’Aubigny of Sacred Stone in Atlantia.   I replaced the red lace with with 110 yards of orange lacing.

I am currently authorized for Combat Archery, Spear and Great Weapon, two handed.